Wash and Fold

We provide speedy and convenient laundry service for your family or business.  Customers can use coin-operated machines, drop off laundry with the attendant, or take advantage of our delivery service. If you have any questions regarding any of our services please Contact Us today.


If you need any detergents or laundry softeners we are your one stop shop. Go Go Laundry sales Clorox, Downy, Swavitel, Ariel, Tide, Bounce, Foca, Zote, Fabuloso, Spray N Wash, and other washing products on location. We also have ice cream bars and popsicles for the kids.


$1.40 / lb. – Drop off (10lb minimum)

$2.00 / lb. – Pickup & Delivered (28lb min)

Twin Blankets $16 – Drop off

Queen Blankets $20 – Drop off


We provide free WI-FI internet services for all of our customers. If you are having problems accessing it please ask an employee for help.

Machine Times

Washer 30-35 minutes

Dryer 30-40 minutes