Does thread count really matter in sheets?

There are a few factors that should be thought of when deciding to purchase a good pair of sheets. Does Thread count really mater? Learn more below!

“Thread count is an overrated issue when considering sheets. Quality of cotton is far more important. More cotton does not mean a better sheet. When considering new sheets, always look for the type of cotton used. Egyptian cotton or U.S.-grown Pima cotton yield a smoother, softer end result — and the contact with the body is an important point to consider. If you buy a good-quality Italian linen, such as Frette, 200-300 count is a very good guide to follow. They will last the distance and you will sleep in luxury. So quality over quantity; it’s a good principle to follow for everything.”
— Phillip Silver (

“My idea of a perfect night’s sleep is sleeping on freshly pressed 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets. A good set of these sheets may be more expensive, but they will last a long time. You can buy a lower thread count, but it truly is about having the Egyptian cotton in the sateen finish. And the ultimate luxury is having your sheets laundered. To me, it feels like I’m going to a very exquisite hotel when I slip into my freshly laundered bed. I typically purchase my sheets at Williams-Sonoma Home. I’m a white-sheet-and-duvet-cover type of gal, but they offer some beautiful colors and styles. They also have great service and know their product.”
— Amy Weaver (

“While the idea of thread count plays a part in luxury bedding, there are many other factors that can dictate the comfort of a sheet. For starters, the ply. There can be a 1,200 thread count — but is it a 600 double-ply or a 1,200 single-ply? The durability will be in the double-ply count, as the single will be thinner and more delicate. Next, consider the cotton itself, which is very important. Egyptian cotton is breathable and absorbent. Pima cotton is more durable and will hold up to family use. And then there’s the weave. For a very silky feel, a percale weave is best. If you are looking for a fluffy and warm feel, as on a flannel sheet, choose a twill weave. For the most luxurious feel, go with a sateen weave, which places most of its threads on its surface, allowing for a light and silky feel. On most of my projects, I use custom bedding from C&C Milano. For those who don’t mind ironing, they have 100 percent linen sheets; but they also have wonderful cotton and cotton linen blends for easier care.”
— Geoffrey de Sousa (